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Port Malabar Country Club Community Association (PMCCCA) membership is voluntary.  The Association is committed to preserving the integrity of our community. There are no deed restrictions to worry about and membership fees are only $50.00 per year. ($25.00 after 01 July of the current year)


If you own property on any of the following streets you qualify. (Ownership is a must.) They are:


Pebble Beach Ave NE      Pinehurst Circle NE        Champions Drive NE

Montclair Road NE      Seymour Road NE        Cherry Hills Road NE

Broadmore Circle NE      Meadowbrook Road NE    Fairway Court NE

Augusta Circle NE          Port Malabar Blvd, NE        Golf Vista Court NE

Dunbarton Circle NE      Country Club NE        Island Greens Dr. NE

Riviera Drive N         Waialae Circle NE        Scepter Court NE

                                        Doral Court NE


Being an active member brings with it access to all bi-monthly and general Board meetings, participation in PMCCCA activities and voting rights. As an active PMCCCA member, you have a voice in community affairs.  It doesn’t get any better than this!


If you are a property owner within the PMCCCA geographical area and you wish to become an active member of PMCCCA, please click on the Application Form icon below.  








Send the completed form and $50.00 membership fee to:


Port Malabar Country Club Community Association (PMCCCA)

P.O. Box 61304

Palm Bay, FL 32906-1304 

The check should be made out to PMCCCA.


Want to be active and participate? The committees that were formed are:


Membership Committee, Social/Welcome Committee, Neighborhood Watch Committee, Liaison/Public Relations Committee, Bylaws Committee and the Website Committee. If you’re interested in joining a committee, please contact Bonnie Hobson Bowden at 321.727.0779.  


Sign up today!





The Port Malabar Country Club Community Association (Not-for-Profit Corporation) is located in the heart of Palm Bay, Florida. Situated on the East Coast of Florida, residents enjoy the tropical nature of the community and prides itself in having one of the most beautiful communities on the east coast. Just a few miles north you’ll find Cape Kennedy and a couple of hours south finds you at Lake Okeechobee for some of the best fishing in the country.

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