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28 September 2014



The Board of Directors held their by-monthly meeting on 25 Sept 14. 24 People attended the meeting to express concerns and opinions. There appears to be a misunderstanding regarding the development and whether your Board implied that the development was a done deal. As clarification, the Board did not in any way mean to imply that the development was going forward. Your Board of Directors will challenge any aspect of the plans and if oppotunities to challenge aspects of the plan arise, we will do so. We will solicit the help of government agencies to ensure that all issues, including arsinic remediation, water retention and runoff, wildlife protection, specimen trees, etc. are fully vetted. In no way have we given up! We have a long way to go and the Board will see the process through to it's conclusion. I was personally disappointed that only a few residents showed up for the meeting. Sitting at home does not fair well for the community. If you are a concerned resident then you must support our efforts. Please, get involved.


There are no firm dates on when the development my begin. I'm sure that it will take months to finalized development plans and obtain city approval.


Board of Directors





The Board sent Mr. Spira a letter with 16 points of interest. Here is his responses:


1)    A selected number of PMCCCA members will have access to the new        club house for a nominal fee. the number of members and amout                  charged will be determined. Passes will be issued to PMCCCA                    participants to access the facility.

2)    We asked for a "moat" (water perimeter) to be installed around the              property. Due to engineering considerations, that is not feasable. However,          PMCCCA will review the drainage layout and have input before plans        are submitted to the City.

3)    Speciman trees will be protected. A survey will be done, the trees                 marked and information shared with PMCCCA.

4)    If there are no legal impediments, the President of PMCCCA will                 become a voting member of the HOA.


5)    There will be a community meeting with Mr. Spira wherein he will               spell out the plans  for the development prior to them being submitted         to the City. The PMCCCA Board of  Directors will participate.


6)    PMCCCA will provide input to the development of the HOA                      covenants. (This is extremely important in that we can ensure that                their rules do not adversly affect our community)


7)    We asked for information regarding the fencing around the property.           There will not be a fence.


8)    Once the development begins, we asked that the investors assume                financial responsibility for the cost of the mowing without cutting back        on the number of cuts. This is pending.


9)   Arsenic remediation plans will be shared with PMCCCA.


10) No two story homes will be build on the perimeter on the property. 


11) A traffic study and the effects the upcoming community will have on           our schools will be shared with PMCCCA.


12) Storm retention, flood water plans and identifying green spaces will be                 shared with PMCCCA.


13) Entrance gate location to take into account access to Malabar Lakes           and IGV and not restrict the home located at 810 Champions' access           and exit from their garage.


14) Allow residents facing the golf course to purchase property directly             behind their homes. The response was that this request is not                       workable. The plan is to have an additional area in the rear of at least 10 feet in               width, and sometime greater, between the existing homes and the new         homes as an open area owned and maintained by the HOA. 


15) The investors asked that we concider agreeing to reducing the width of        the lot size from 80 feet to 75 feet and give us 10 additional feet                  on the back of the property. PMCCCA felt that the distance behind            the homes at the rear of the property was paramount and after much            deliberation, agreed to the change.


16) The new home prices will be between $160.000 and $215,000.


As you can see, the Board is actively engaged in the process. We will continue to press for equality and fairness during and after to development. 


Please, if you have not joined the Association, Support your community and join today.


Stay tuned...


Board of Directors




13 August 2014


Your Golf Course Committee met once again with Mr. Spira to discuss a letter we sent him regarding 16 different points of interest. Our verbal discussion was productive and now we are waiting for a conformation in writing of all issues discussed. Mr. Spira spoke of a phase one plan starting sometime in the next few months. Once his phase one plan is finalized, he will share it with us for comments and suggestions. We will share the information with you then. As much as we dislike the idea of a housing development in our back yards, the hard fact is that it will happen. The investors and Mr. Spira are making sure that they do their homework with full intentions of complying with all codes, laws, etc. We will be hand delivering a letter to you shortly spelling out as much detail as possible. What we need from you is that you become members of our Association. For those who have joined, thank you! There is a link on the home page where you can find the application. Download it and join. It only costs $25.00 for the remainder of the year.


Thanks you


Board of Directors




NOTICE                                  NOTICE                            NOTICE


09 August 2014


As of today, your golf course committee with the help of the Board is communicating with Mr. Spira regarding the potential development of the golf course. Charlie Madge, Russ Wood and myself are working to gather facts. There have not been any development plans submitted to the city nor have any contracts been signed. Everything is still prelimary. There will be a general meeting of all members wherein Mr. Spira will address your concerns. This meeting will be prior to any plans being submitted to the ciity for approval.


Once we have firm and accrate information to share, we will do so. 


Please talk to your neighbors and ask them to join the Association. WE NEED NUMBERS!




Board of Directors



                                                                             02 August 2014


The golf course committee met with Jack Spira on Monday, 28 July 2014 to discuss the upcoming development of the golf course. The investors are planning to develope vacant lots and selling them to developers. NO CONTRACTS have been signed to date and the initial plans have not been finalized. It was a preliminary meeting informing the Association of their plans. The Board does not have specifics concerning the number of homes, entrances, timing etc. at this time. You will be informed of changes as they occur. Mr.Spira has expressed a desire to work with the Association and is encouraging our input.


Charlie Madge, Russ Wood and I head up the golf course committee and will be intimately involved in the process. Our entire Board of Directors are more than qualified to serve as your representitives during this important process and the entire Board will discuss and vote on golf course issues.


We pledge to do whatever we can to help PMCCCA residents and we will keep you informed via this website. We are anticipating a general membership meeting with Mr. Spira once the plans have been completed so that he can explain the development in detail.


If you have not joined the Association, it is critical to do so. Only PMCCCA members will vote on critical issues. Go to the membership page and JOIN NOW!


More to come...




Board of Directors

22 December 2014


Have not gotten any feed back from the investors as of today but expect to see the development plan shortly. Remember, the investors must have a meeting with all of us before they can submit any plan to the city. It will be a meeting at a location of their choosing. I will keep you informed as information becomes available.

Board of Directors





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